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Notes From The Wonderground

by The Reflection Box

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Free Sundown 04:21
Sick of the city, there’s just too much information, it don’t look very pretty, people full of frustration, running round with furrowed brows, charging through night and day, and everything’s got to be right now, and living is just rushed away. And people here got no patience for dreamers with notions like mine, “you can’t get ahead here by waiting dear”... but I like to take my time... what do you say, you pack your bags? And come on the road with me? We’ll take my car, we’ll drive for hours and well, I’d like your company. The rambler in me sees a wanderer in you, do you fancy a trip out of town?... We’ll drive to the country baby, you won’t need much money, ‘cause it’s free to watch the sun go down. Well I got no destination, you must think I’m being naïve, this is just an invitation to you to join me when I leave, and we won’t make a plan and then we can’t go wrong, just you go to sleep and I’ll drive all night, and I’ll wake you up to take the wheel at dawn. I’d just like a hand, I’ve got too much of a load, and you might be the man to help me hit the road? I’m not asking you to leave your life behind, it’s just a change of scene, you’re always free to change your mind, but as for me; I’ll keep on moving. The rambler in me, sees a gambler in you, do you fancy a trip out of town? We’ll drive to the country baby, you won’t need much money, ‘cause it’s free to watch the sun go down.
On Lying 03:36
We’ve been here before, but never beyond it, that’s what the man on the radio says. Standing on the border, of Chaos and Order, It’s hard to tell the difference these days. Here’s the new campaign, a sense of illusion, is it real or just a game we play? New words that advertise, is it post-truth or a lie? It’s hard to tell the difference these days. Sign up to the feed, but there’s nothing to eat; just fill out the form and send it away But is it social protection or is it data collection? It’s hard to tell the difference these days. You look nice in the picture, but maybe that’s just the filter, Doesn’t really matter anyway So long as it’s right on trend, but am I your follower or your friend? It’s hard to tell the difference these days.
Oh the trees are slowly waking, and the breeze is clear as day And the creatures of the earth are stirring, now the Light is on Its way. And the quiet fields are dreaming, and the Spring will have its say Winter yields to mourning, now the Light is on Its way. Oh the wheel is slowly turning, Sparks begin to rain. When the fires of Hope start burning, our fortunes begin to change. We spent a long time seeking, wondering if we’d ever see the day, but the dark and jealous are weak now that the Light is on Its way. With every new beginning, an end is coming near But there’s no need to worry, because the Light will soon be here, yes the Light is on Its way.
Our hearts are full, and so is the Moon, and we all feel the pull of the water. And just like the tide, Hearts spill over sometimes, and then we have sorrow or laughter. But dark must have light, and noise must have quiet, and there’s no point to ask why or how, They’re one and the same, and we’re all in this game, we’re all together in the here and now. And sometimes a grey descends on my day, and my feet on the ground feel unstable, But I’ll stretch out my hands, and I’ll use them as wands, Just because we’re all able. And our palms they will touch, and it might be too much, because it’s hard to get used to the feeling. But when the current runs through, between me and you, that’s how we know we are healing. The Listeners are there, none of us here are forsaken, and the dreamers of dreams and the painters of scenes, and the dancers and poets are all waking. We all have the chance to live in this spell, and all we must do now is want it, and we can become Listeners as well, turn the everyday to enchanted. What a thought that is, being together as one, there’s a magic in it somehow, well, it’s us and the tide, and the Moon and the Sun, we’re all together in the here and now.
Cupid 03:17
Cupid lifted his bow and shot him an arrow, straight through your heart. You, grieviously stung, thought you’d found the one from whom you wouldn’t part. But it soon became clear that this love was untrue, and Cupid had sent that old arrow askew. Oh but he’s not to blame, he was blinded by the beauty of you. Then, in very real pain, you said never again will I take that chance, So, you built you a shield that never would yield to arrows of romance ... And your heart it was broken and you felt so used, but the heart is a muscle and can only be bruised. And now there’s another who loves you so true, oh.. give her a chance to be blinded by the beauty of you. So baby, I know you feel bad and you’re telling yourself that you’ve been such a fool, but honey some folk just feel bad, and it’s not your fault they can treat people cruel. See, when Goodness shines out of you bright as the Sun, well, that makes you very attractive to those who’ve had little or none. You’re still bright as the day despite all you’ve been through, oh we could light up the dark in the world with the beauty of you.
Guardian 04:27
I had a thought, it crisscrossed through my mind, it was sent without warning, without a reason or a rhyme, and the colours they all rose and fell, and the ocean it stood still, and the mountains began to tell. I had a feathered visitor, at first didn’t mean too much to me, then I started to miss her, and looked for her in the trees. In my hour of sorrow, my little bird brought me some cheer, and maybe most importantly, flew beside me in my time of fear. I had a dream; it wasn’t really mine, it was sent me uninvited, but it came at the right time. It happened more than once, until I read it over again, and paid heed to its message, and the Signs it did contain.
I think I’ll go down to the water, I think that would be so good for me. Now that I’ve seen the new hereafter, I’ll mark it with an age-old ceremony. Because my eyes have just been opened, Beauty is no longer mine to find. All the barriers were broken when you left me, in this present state of mind. Since you left, I’ve got this feeling, it’s like a spell I just can’t break, And baby I’m still dreaming, Dreaming of you though I’m still awake. This is much deeper than a daydream, this is no quiet reverie, this is a total transformation, and I’ve got to now accept reality. So I think I’ll go down to the water, and listen to the waves roll from the sea. And I’ll hear your voice in their laughter, and know that nothing will ever be the same for me.
Gatekeeper 03:39
By the fire in your eyes, and the light of your mind, you helped me find the path towards the centre. And I sat down and I thought, about what you did for all mankind, and I wondered why it was that we were sent here. See I thought I cut my losses, but my losses they cut me, and I really felt I couldn’t take no more. But then, the King and all His horses and the glittering cavalry escorted me to all that went before. We rode by day and night, and burned every bridge we crossed, then used the light of the flames to guide us. We came to where Wrong fought to vanquish Right, and so that all would not be lost, we held the gates with all the Love inside us. We reclaimed the gate at last, and when everything fell still there, the Gatekeeper He bade a sad farewell, and I looked at Him as he passed, I thought I saw something familiar in His face as the evening shadows fell. Then when it was all over, and my Senses had returned, I found I was now free from all despair. And so I wondered at the journey, and at all the things I learned, I looked for You, but You were no longer there.
The Pattern 04:34
Your flame never stays the same, and your flicker just gets quicker. In the darkness of my room, I finally see the pattern, And your source will not be sourced, not by the finest diviner, you move too fast through the stream until the last drop leaves the river And the waves will take you in, each one the same but different. Fly from the shore, cold and wet to my door, and I’ll light you. And your flame never stays the same, your flicker just gets quicker, In the darkness of my room I finally see the pattern here. And you grow where nothing has grown, since I learned how to live on my own, Carry your light into the arms of the night, they’ll never find you But even if they do, they’ll find you in the green and the blue You just sit tight, you’ve got the moment on your side and they’re not watching, Not watching your flame never stay the same. Your flicker just gets quicker, In the darkness of my room, I finally see the pattern, here. (lyrics and melody R. Friel)


released May 24, 2021

Produced by S Cullen at Amberville Studios, and Tommy Mc Laughlin at Attica Audio, Ireland.
Engineers: Ben McAuley, Tommy McLaughlin, Orri McBrearty
Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Hammond, Rhodes, Violin, Mandolin and Double Bass: S Cullen
Drums and Percussion: Gerry Morgan
Electric Guitars, Electric Bass: Ruairí Friel
Pedal Steel: Declan McClafferty
Synths, Arr. Drums, Bass and guitar on "Gatekeeper" and electric guitar on "On Lying" : Tommy McLaughlin.


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